Interaction Networks of #COVID19 and “Delta variant” on Twitter

EDIT (Feb 2023): As of 09/02/2023, Twitter is closing down public access to the API and replacing it with a paid service. In the previous post, we went through the process of how to collect data from Twitter (Via Twint) using a few key terms. We then used regular expressions to extract the relevant parts … Read more

Using Lockdown to your Advantage

So with the rather rapid increase of COVID-19 infections as of recent, it looks like we could be heading towards another lockdown in the form of a ‘circuit breaker’ – described as “a tight set of restrictions – it could feel a lot like the original lockdown – but crucially it would be for a … Read more

Fun with Forwarding and SSH Tunnelling

Linux (and all UNIX-based systems for that matter) is a pretty well thought out operating system with tones of useful features. I use either macOS or Linux every day for work and leisure and feels like every day I learn about some new cool features I can use to make my life as a researcher … Read more

A Weekend That Changed My Life

Every now and then we all have those long holiday weekends that we look back on that are distinguished above all others. This weekend was no exception. Like many holidays, I spent the last few hours before setting off trying to organise everything I needed, marking the start of the holiday. Leaving things to last-minute … Read more

Raspberry Pi Backup Server

So I recently reached the limits on my free 2GB Basic Dropbox (it’s not much, I know) and I’ve always wanted to find my own way of syncing and backing up my data securely. I’ve tried services like OwnCloud and NextCloud before, which work okay but are not perfect. These services require a little more … Read more