Your Social Network Is Bigger Than You Think!

Your social network is bigger than you think! I remember what got me really interested in social network analysis as a field of academic study was just the scale at which these networks grow. Whether we are looking at how people talk with others or share things with other people, these interactions can grow to … Read more

My Thoughts on Threads – Meta’s new text-based platform

On Thursday, Meta (you know, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) launched a new social media platform. It’s called Threads and it can be described as “text-based” microblogging platform similar to that of Twitter and Mastodon with around 55 millions users. With the downfall of Twitter, Meta seeks to add its own competitor … Read more

Analysing Posts About the #Coronation on Mastodon

There is no doubt that the recent coronation of King Charles III was a massive event in the UK. Whether you’re in favour of the monarchy or not, there is no doubt that the coronation event is a big talking point. This was certainly the case on Mastodon – my preferred microblogging platform of choice. … Read more