Let the Research Begin

For those of you who have paid close attention to my life recently will know that I have just started my PhD. I’m very much excited to get things going as I know I’ll just love going all-out nerd on a topic in depth.

Having met a lot of new people recently, I\’ve had to repeat a lot of the same information for the purpose of making introductions. So for those who I haven’t met or don’t know me, my PhD research is looking at networks and the role it plays in collective intelligence.

In short, I plan on using this by looking at simple sub-graphs that belong to a much larger directed graph built of a collection of linked nodes. This is more broadly known as graph theory at it allows us to solve problems that can be expressed as entities and relations. This is particularly useful for modelling platforms such as social networks and interactions between users.

I certainly hope that I’ll be able to keep these positive and ambitious feelings going without feeling discoursed when things get difficult. I’m also trying to use this time to try out new activities and join new clubs to try and broaden my mindset outside of the office.