James Ashford

I’m Research Associate in the UK researching Network Science and Social Computing. In my free time, I like to explore the outdoors, mountain climbing, cycling, running and attending church. I like to think of myself as an all-round nerd.

Self-Hosting with Cloudflare Tunnels (feat Raspberry Pi)

If you’ve ever self-hosted services on your local network and wanted to expose them to the world, you would know that this is not a straightforward matter. This involves opening up your firewall by forwarding ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to a dedicated machine on your network. This has two main issues. Problem 1: your external IP address will be publically visible to the internet meaning that people could geolocate and collect information about you....

February 15, 2022 · 5 min · 944 words · James Ashford

Will They Reply? Analysing the Reply Networks of 32 Programming Language Subreddits

Have you ever used Reddit for learning a programming language? There are many subreddit detected to specific programming languages. They are great for finding project ideas, learning new topics and getting inspired. Many (if not most) programming subreddits have an active community of users who are willing to provide support to others who post submissions opening up discussions. I’ve always wondered if it is possible to find out which subreddits are better than others in terms of user engagement and by how much....

January 28, 2022 · 5 min · 1062 words · James Ashford

Interaction Networks of #COVID19 and "Delta variant" on Twitter

In the previous post, we went through the process of how to collect data from Twitter (Via Twint) using a few key terms. We then used regular expressions to extract the relevant parts of the tweet containing the retweeted and/or mentioned user. In this post, we use Gephi to build a visual representation of the network as well as extracting a few essential network features to help explain some really important components....

July 2, 2021 · 5 min · 991 words · James Ashford

Getting Started with Network Analysis

There are so many research tools available these data these days to make mundane tasks like data visualisation and collection much easier. This post touches on some of the essential pieces of software / tools you need to know for this type of research. This is broken down into Programming Languages, Modelling Tools and Visualisation. Programming Languages Python You can’t really go wrong with python. It is one of the most versatile programming languages and I use it on daily basis....

June 11, 2021 · 3 min · 626 words · James Ashford

My New Job

Having spent the past two-and-a-bit years working full-time as a PhD student, in the next few days I’ll be moving up the researcher ranks. The next chapter of my career will commence next week as I will start my new job as a Research Associate (aka a PostDoc). Even though I haven’t officially finished my PhD, my time will be split evenly between my PhD work and other research-based jobs that have been assigned to me....

January 13, 2021 · 1 min · 191 words · James Ashford