How to Scrape Mastodon Timelines Using Python and Pandas

Over the past few months, Mastodon, the Federated microblogging alternative to Twitter, has gained a lot of attraction in light of the events going on surrounding Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Upon further inspection, it turns out most instances have a public facing REST API for allowing users to interact with their services using third-party … Read more

Interacting With REST APIs in Python With 5 Lines of Code

An essential skill for any web scraper or data scientist is to know how to collect information from a publicly available REST API. In short, a REST API is a very simple web service where simple HTTP requests (just like a web browser) are used to collect data usually in the form of a JSON … Read more

Essential Python Packages for the Web Scraping Toolbox in 2022

Python is known for being able to do many different things due to the versatility of the programming language. One thing Python is particularly well-known for is its ability to receive data over the Web using the requests package (more information can be found here). The requests package enables users to perform basic HTTP requests … Read more