Analysing Posts About the #Coronation on Mastodon

There is no doubt that the recent coronation of King Charles III was a massive event in the UK. Whether you’re in favour of the monarchy or not, there is no doubt that the coronation event is a big talking point. This was certainly the case on Mastodon – my preferred microblogging platform of choice. … Read more

Analysing #ClimateChange and Related Hashtags on Mastodon

While Mastodon is still a relatively new platform (especially compared to other platform like Twitter) it is filled with a thriving community of people who love to share their knowledge and express their options. I thought I would take a closer look at a topic which always appears to be part of a conversation somewhere. … Read more

Building User-Hashtag Co-occurrence Network from Timelines on Mastodon

Hashtags are an incredibly useful feature for annotating posts and have an active role on microblogging platforms such as Twitter and Mastodon. They are particularly helpful for discovering new people to follow and finding interesting posts. In a separate post, I used Twitter to build hashtag co-occurrence networks based upon a specific hashtag. The general … Read more