A Weekend That Changed My Life

Every now and then we all have those long holiday weekends that we look back on that are distinguished above all others. This weekend was no exception. Like many holidays, I spent the last few hours before setting off trying to organise everything I needed, marking the start of the holiday. Leaving things to last-minute is nothing unusual for me but I knew that I would return from this holiday with my life forever different.

Upon arriving at our destination we spent the first few hours doing the activity we enjoy the most – walking along the beach, more specifically, Barafundle Bay. It was here when I asked the most important question I could ever ask someone!

I asked my girlfriend of nine months if she will marry me!

I’m delighted to say that the answer to this important question was a massive yes! What followed was a mixture of all sorts of emotions as I don’t think I fully manage to digest the extent of what happened.

There is no doubt that I am extremely happy with the outcome and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life knowing that I with someone I can call my best friend.

While it may seem a little scary at first, I am very much excited about the idea of planning a life with someone who I can call my best friend!

Looking ahead, I’m very much aware that the process of planning a wedding is not easy and it will bring about its stresses and strains, but I know the outcome is worth it!