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Switching back to WordPress

As you may have seen from my previous post, I have been a user of both Jekyll and WordPress to serve my websites in the past. After some thought and consideration, I have decided to switch back to WordPress once again. Why you may ask? I simply enjoy the ability to have a full WYSIWYG editor when writing content. As much as I love free stuff, I really feel that Jekyll was lacking so much functionality. To be honest, I find the idea of writing blog posts in markdown and uploading via git a little tedious and time-consuming.

This is 2019 after all! With the appropriate security know-how and technical skills, we should not be afraid of using databases and backend technology. With the correct security features in place, WordPress blogs can be quite robust. I understand that hosting a WordPress blog costs money, but is $5 a month really that expensive? How much a GitHub Pro account per month?

I’m going to be a Ph.D student!

As the title suggests, as of October 2018 (this year) I will become a Ph.D student. This is something in life I never thought I would ever achieve, but nevertheless, it brings me great pleasure to say that my I may very well end up getting my doctorate. The best part is that it’s funded. More details on what my research will involve will follow.

Blog Update

Hello all,

I appreciate that it’s been a while since I have last updated my blog (over a year in fact). After what appears to be years of switching between WordPress and Jekyll (a popular static site generator) I have decided to completely migrate my blog to Jekyll.

Everything you see on this page is static meaning there is no need for a database or backend server to host dynamically generated webpage. Everything you see here is generated locally on my laptop which builds an entire website for me which is then hosed on GitHub Pages for free.

I’m saving money while making my site secure at the same time. Win, win!