• Disinformation on Reddit: A network science-based study, understand how online trolls leave traces online through posting campaigns and user-to-user interactions.

  • Controversy on Wikipedia: A novel approach for understanding what editing patterns contribute towards controversy emerging within the revision structure of an article.

  • Role of Negative Ties in Social Networks: A study performed with Penn State University to understand the structures of positive and negative ties in online and offline social networks.

More of my work can be found on the DAIS-ITA Science Library.

Collaboration Network


  • Assessing temporal and spatial features in detecting disruptive users on Reddit, 2020
    • Authors: James Ashford, Liam Turner, Roger Whitaker, Alun Preece, Diane Felmlee
  • Understanding the signature of controversial Wikipedia articles through motifs in editor revision networks, 2019
    • Authors: James Ashford, Liam Turner, Roger Whitaker, Alun Preece, Diane Felmlee, Don Towsley

    • Abstract: Wikipedia serves as a good example of how editors collaborate to form and maintain an article. The relationship between editors, derived from their sequence of editing activity, results in a directed network structure called the revision network, that potentially holds valuable insights into editing activity. In this paper we create revision networks to assess differences between controversial and non-controversial articles, as labelled by Wikipedia. Originating from complex networks, we apply motif analysis, which determines the under or over-representation of induced sub-structures, in this case triads of editors. We analyse 21,631 Wikipedia articles in this way, and use principal component analysis to consider the relationship between their motif subgraph ratio profiles. Results show that a small number of induced triads play an important role in characterising relationships between editors, with controversial articles …

  • An Exploratory Analysis of Suspicious Reddit User Accounts based on Sentiment and Interactions
    • Authors: Eunjin Lee, James Ashford, Malgorzata Turalska, Liam Turner, Vera Liao, Rachel Bellamy, Geeth de Mel, Roger Whitaker

    • Abstract: Online social networks shaped by user generated content and activity offer a unique opportunity for understanding how individuals and social groups interact. Insight into the dynamics of on-line communities could prove valuable in the military context helping with: evaluation of group stability and growth, identification of key influential users, and detection of attempts to spread disinformation. To this end, we explore user behaviour on Reddit, a large social network site designed as a discussion forum for various topics. We present an initial, exploratory investigation using sentiment and activity analysis, of the behaviour and content of 944 suspicious Reddit accounts.