About Me

I’m an academic in the UK researching Network Science and Social Computing. I enjoy scraping, analysing and visualising data and social networks. In my free time, I like to explore the outdoors, mountain climbing, cycling, running and attending church. I think of myself as an all-round nerd.

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Raspberry Pi Backup Server

So I recently reached the limits on my free 2GB Basic Dropbox (it’s not much, I know) and I’ve always wanted to find my own way of syncing and backing up my data securely. I’ve tried services like OwnCloud and NextCloud before, which work okay but are not perfect. These services require a little more […]

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I'm going to be a Ph.D student!

As the title suggests, as of October 2018 (this year) I will become a student. This is something in life I never thought I would ever achieve, but nevertheless, it brings me great pleasure to say that my I may very well end up getting my doctorate. The best part is that it’s funded. More […]

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