RIP, Ma’am

Like many people up and down this country, I too am lost for words at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. For as long as I have been alive, she has always been on the throne.

Let’s be honest, we all knew this day would come and now it has become the reality.

It goes without saying that I am a royalist and I am a supporter of having a monarchy. I’m a true believer in having a head of state who is neutral when it comes to political affairs.

That being said, I completely respect the opinion of those who don’t wish to have a monarchy but instead be a republic. I understand your arguments – some of which I agree with myself.

My country, the United Kingdom, much like other countries has gone through many political transformations in recent years – a few of which were in my lifetime.

While we have our differences in society, there is no doubt that the vast majority of us are inspired by what the Queen has done in her 70 years on the throne.

I am inspired by her integrity, her wisdom and, most importantly, her faith.

As a Christian myself, I had great admiration for how she has lived her life as a Christian in a world that is increasingly turning its back on Christianity.

I genuinely believe that she was a Christian, and the prayer that she gave on her first Christmas in 1952 was a prayer of humility.

Pray for me … that God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making, and that I may faithfully serve Him and you, all the days of my life.

Queen Elizabeth II

I am deeply moved by her passing, but we must look forward.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to take some time adjusting to the fact that we have a new king. King Charles III.

God save the King.

Queen Elizabeth II: 1926 – 2022