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My New Job

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Having spent the past two-and-a-bit years working full-time as a PhD student, in the next few days I’ll be moving up the researcher ranks.

The next chapter of my career will commence next week as I will start my new job as a Research Associate (aka a PostDoc). Even though I haven’t officially finished my PhD, my time will be split evenly between my PhD work and other research-based jobs that have been assigned to me. I can’t reveal too much about what I’ll be working on only as I’m not sure where I will start.

On reflection, I’m extremely fortunate to have been granted the opportunity of a lifetime to have the chance to work with some amazing people from all over the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Furthermore, all of these opportunities included attending interesting workshops, top conferences as well as the many hours and days spent travelling between the U.K and U.S engaging with other researchers who share similar interests to me.

The future is looking positive and the trajectory is going up.

It looks like I’m on track to starting an academic career