Using Lockdown to your Advantage

So with the rather rapid increase of COVID-19 infections as of recent, it looks like we could be heading towards another lockdown in the form of a ‘circuit breaker’ – described as a tight set of restrictions – it could feel a lot like the original lockdown – but crucially it would be for a fixed period of time

I understand that times like these can be rather saddening, but I highly encourage you to use this time (assuming you are not bound by other responsibilities) as an opportunity to learn something new. For those of you that find yourself at home, finding something to do, why not learn a new still. Ask yourself, what do you want to learn that you haven’t done before?

In my case, I plan on learning golang (an open source programming language) (while working on my PhD too :)) with the intention to build web apps that are faster and smaller in size.

What do you want to learn?

As a PhD student with the potential of perusing academia as a career, it’s probably not surprising that I am a huge supporter of education and learning in general. I feel so blessed we live in an age where we have access to a vast amount of learning resources with access to the internet. I consider myself very grateful.

Why not make the most of this time doing something positive and achieve something new rather than getting depressed with the ongoing pandemic.

I also plan on keeping this blog updated.

Stay safe and keep learning,